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Collagen spray drying technology


1. Overview of drying products:

Collagen is a biological polymer substance and a white, opaque, unbranched fibrous protein.

Fish (fish scales, fish skin) collagen, pig collagen, bovine collagen, chicken-derived collagen, bone collagen (bone collagen is mainly type I collagen, and research has found that hydrolyzed type I collagen has a negative impact on cartilage II collagen It has a specific promotion effect on cell growth and can increase the cell growth rate by 2.5 times. The mechanism may be caused by the feedback mechanism of cartilage tissue, while other proteins such as wheat protein and macromolecular collagen do not have this effect. Collagen has a significant promoting effect on chondrocytes, and there is no significant difference in the effect between the two).

Collagen spray drying technology 1

2. Overview of drying plan:

This unit is a device that can complete drying and granulation at the same time. The pressure, flow rate and size of the nozzle holes of the material liquid pump can be adjusted according to process requirements. Obtain the required spherical particles in a certain size ratio.

The working process of this unit is: the material liquid is input at high pressure through the diaphragm pump, spraying out mist droplets, and then falling in parallel with the hot air. Most of the powder particles are collected from the discharge port at the bottom of the tower, and the waste gas and its tiny powders pass through the cyclone separator Separation, the waste gas is discharged by the exhaust fan, and the powder is collected by the powder collector located under the cyclone separator. The outlet of the fan can also be equipped with a secondary dust removal device, with a recovery rate of 96%-98%.

The materials of the tower body, pipes and separators of this unit that are in contact with the material are all made of SUS304. There is an insulation layer between the inside of the tower and the outer shell, and the filling material is rock wool. The tower is equipped with observation doors, sight glasses, light sources and control instruments, which are controlled and displayed by the electrical control console.

The heat source of this unit adopts steam heater, electric heater or other types. It has the advantages of easy operation, fast start-up, compact mechanism, and clean hot air. In addition, a heat source control and adjustment device is installed in the electrical control cabinet to enable stepless adjustment of the inlet temperature. Our factory can provide different heating methods according to the actual needs of users.

Collagen spray drying technology 2

3. Features of drying plan:

※ The drying speed is fast. The surface area of ​​the material liquid is greatly increased after atomization. In the hot air flow, 95-98% of the water can be evaporated in an instant. It only takes ten to tens of seconds to complete the drying. It is especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials. Drying of materials.

※ The obtained product is spherical particles with uniform particle size, good fluidity, good solubility, high product purity and good quality.

※ It has a wide range of applications. According to the characteristics of the material, it can be used for hot air drying or cold air granulation. It has strong adaptability to the material.

※ The operation is simple and stable, the control is convenient, and it is easy to realize automatic operation.

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