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Chips Dryer Machine BEAR Brand Company 1
Chips Dryer Machine BEAR Brand Company 1

Chips Dryer Machine BEAR Brand Company


Company Advantages

· BEAR chips dryer machine has a revolutionary and innovative design.

· Our rigorous testing ensures high quality production of our products.

· Hangzhou Bear Machinery Co.,Ltd. has such advantage of having international sales network.

Main application

Food: Amino acid, vitamin, egg powder, bone powder, protein, milk powder, blood powder, soy sauce powder, coffee, tea powder, glucose, pentadiene carboxylic acid, pectin, flavours, vegetable juice, yeast, starch, etc.

Ceramic: Alumina, zirconia, magnesium oxide, Titania, pottery clay, china clay, all kinds of magnetic porcelain and metal-oxides, etc.

Chemical: Aluminum polychloride, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, organic catalyzer, white carbon black, washing powder, zinc sulfate, silica, sodium metasilicate, potassium fluoride, calcium carbonate, potassium sulfate, inorganic catalyzer, wasted liquid, etc.

Ceramic tile powder spray dryer
Ceramic tile powder dryer
Ceramic tile powder dryer
Ceramic tile
Ceramic tile
Ceramic tile powder
Ceramic tile powder
Ceramic tile powder spray dryer

Related parameters








Inlet temperature (℃ )

140-350(automatically controlled)

Outlet temperature (℃ )


Max water evaporation capacity (kg/h)







Centrifugal spraying nozzle transmission method

compressed air transmission

mechanical transmission

Rotation speed (r.p.m)







Spraying disc diameter (mm)







Heat supply


electricity, steam

electricity, steam, fuel oil and gas

Settled by users themselves

Max electric heating power(kW)













depends on the concrete conditions

Dried powder collecting


Dye Powder Spray Dryer

Mian Features

1.Fast drying speed; LPG high speed centrifugal spray dryer greatly increasing the surface area of the material after the liquid is atomized; it can instantly evaporate 95% -98% of water in the stream of hot air; it takes only a few seconds to complete drying, which is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.2. Our products have a good uniformity, mobility and solubility, high purity and good quality.3. Simplified production process, easy to operate and control. Liquid of 40-60% moisture content (up to 90% for special materials) can be dried into powder products at a time, without crushing and screening after drying, which reduces production process and improve product purity. The size, bulk density, moisture can be adjusted within a certain range by changing operation conditions. It is convenient to do control and management.

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Company Features

· Hangzhou Bear Machinery Co.,Ltd. does an exceptional job on chips dryer machine and solutions.

· The factory owns a set of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These facilities are introduced from developed countries. Thanks to these facilities, we can always deliver products to customers ahead of schedule. Located in a geographically advantageous place, the factory is near to the crucial transportation hubs, including highways, ports, and airports. This advantage enables us to shorten the delivery time as well as cut transportation expenses.

· Our company has integrated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our development. By applying our technology and expertise, we’ve made a positive impact and supported the SDGs in communities across the globe. Call now!

Product Details

With the pursuit of perfection, exerts ourselves for well-organized production and high-quality chips dryer machine.

Application of the Product

The chips dryer machine produced by can be used in many fields.

is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations.

Product Comparison

Compared with products in the same category, chips dryer machine's core competencies are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

highly educated team provides a solid foundation for the development.

With a professional service team, is able to provide all-round and professional services which are suitable for customers according to their different needs.

In the future, our company will carry forward the enterprise spirit of 'strictly discipline yourself and treat others with tolerance'. During the development, we also follow the business philosophy of 'customer first, quality first'. Based on the talents and market, we always stick to the technology methods, and strive to build the leading brand in the industry. Thus, the healthy and orderly development of the industry would also be promoted.

Since it was founded in our company has been experiencing continuous struggle and challenge for years. We have accumulated a lot of experience and abundant economic strength. It can promote the multiplication of our benefits.

sales network is spread all over the world.

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Professionally provide food processing equipment and intelligent assembly line engineering
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