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The Vending Machine to Choose a New Product!

When I was asked to write this article about juice machines, I didn't know for sure which machines the request was about.

So, to be frank, I'll write about the three different types of juice machines that I found when I did some research.

These are the juicer, which makes fresh juice out of fruits and vegetables, the juice dispenser, which is what many restaurants and hotels use to dispense fruit and vegetable juices, and the juice vending machine, where you can buy bottles or cans of juice.

We'll address these machines one at a time.

Juice Machines That Make Fresh Juice The juicer is basically a fresh fruit "squeezer." This gadget will pulverize fresh fruits and vegetables to make juice, discarding the pulp from the original products.

If you're in the market for this type of machine, then most likely you're interested in a few selling points. For example, when my husband and I looked at juicers, we decided that we wanted one that was first of all, easy to clean.

It also needed to be fairly inexpensive (I didn't want to pay $500 for a juicer!), quiet, and able to handle all kinds of fruits and vegetables without getting bogged down or stopping. This meant that it would have to be able to pull liquid from cabbage, carrots, lettuce, and other leafy and/or "hard" or "firm" produce.

We researched on the web and publications like Consumer Reports, and chose from among several juicers on the market. Our new Hamilton Beach machine fits the bill nicely. It can handle carrots with ease, as well as cabbage, spinach and other leafy greens.

Best of all, it breaks down easily and pops right into the dishwasher for easy clean up! And it was less than $100.

Juice Machines That Dispense Juice These are a little less common than the juice extractor we just talked about. After all, how many people do you know who have a beverage dispenser in their home?

If they're like me, they have a pitcher in the fridge that pours juice!

Machines that dispense juice are typically used by hotels and restaurants, and so are available from commercial companies that supply those industries.

If you're interested in a commercial beverage dispenser for your home or office, you can see them occasionally roll by on eBay or Craigslist. Of course, you can always check with a restaurant supply company.

If you do talk to a restaurant supply company, however, be aware that you'll most likely be looking at a new dispenser and will pay accordingly, generally in the area of $1000 or more.

Juice dispensing machines are available in models that provide one beverage, to as many as four different beverages.

There are even a few models that will fresh-squeeze the juice when you pull on a lever; these have become popular with health clubs and spas. Prices for this type of machine start at about $1300 and go up dramatically from there.

Juice Machines That Dispense Vending Machine Bottles Are you interested in machines that dispense bottled beverages?

It used to be that these type of machines were available only at specialty vending supply companies, but today they are much more readily available. I've even seen them for sale at Sam's Club!

Juice machines that vend beverages can be found for about $2500 new, with several companies today selling used equipment at significant savings.

Generally you can expect to save about half of the cost of a new machine if you do buy one that has been used. Vending machine retailers will often refurbish, or at least do a review of the machine before they will sell it to someone else. When the retailer performs this type of examination, there is usually a limited warranty that comes with the machine.

If you're looking to get into the beverage vending business, then it may be a good idea to start with the more inexpensive machines in order to get your business started with as little investment as possible.

These beverage vending machines will usually provide change, and many are now able to recognize $5 and $10 bills. However, bear in mind that with more technology also comes greater possibility of break down!

You may want to start with more simple models until you feel comfortable with making repairs on your machines.

When your business is carrying itself, or actually showing a profit, may be the best time to start upgrading your vending machines.

With a little online research, you should be able to find the juice machines that suit your needs perfectly.

The Vending Machine to Choose a New Product! 1

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