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Printing paper dryer 1
Printing paper dryer 1

Printing paper dryer

Printing paper dryer is widely used in the food drying industry and are suitable for drying foods with high moisture content such as cereals, agricultural products, nuts, and meat products. Tunnel microwave dryer has high drying efficiency and good product quality.


Model: WBSJ-12

Microwave power: 12kw

Microwave chamber qty.: 2

Machine dimension: 7.02*0.72*1.8m

Power supply: 3Phases 5wires 380v 50hz(or as required)


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    Main application

    Printing paper drying and sterilizing machine is mainly used for drying and sterilizing all kinds of herbs, spices, teas, and other agricultural products as well as most of the foods.

    Working principle

    It adopts the microwave as a kind of energy. When the microwave interaction with the material molecular, it occurs molecular polarization, orientation, friction, collision. Then the materials absorb microwave energy and produce heating. It is the material itself absorbing microwave heating from internal to external, at the same time bacterias and worms are killed by the microwave. Different materials have different microwave absorbing capacity, so the heating effects are also not identical, this mainly depends on the dielectric loss of material.

    Printing paper drying machine

    Product display

    Dye paper dryer
    Dye paper dryer
    Dye paper drying machine
    Dye paper drying machine
    Paper dryer
    Paper dryer
    Sawdust dryer
    Sawdust dryer
    Printing pen drying machine
    Printing pen drying machine
    Printing pen dryer
    Printing pen dryer
    Paper tube dye dryer
    Paper tube dye dryer
    Paper drum dryer
    Paper drum dryer
    Paper drum drying machine
    Paper drum drying machine

    Printing paper dryer

    Related parameters






    Microwave power





    Microwave chamber qty.





    Machine dimension





    Power supply

    3Phases 5wires 380v 50hz(or as required)

    Microwave frequency


    Environment temp.


    Relative humidity


    Microwave leakage

    Lower than the national standard <5mw/cm2)

    Feed and discharge port height

    80mm(or as required)

    Conveyor speed

    0.25-5m/min, adjustable

    Conveyor material


    Machine material



    In line with the national standard GB10436-89
    Comply with national standard gb5226 electrical safety standard

    6 (27)

    Main features

    1. High drying efficiency, easy temperature control, quick bactericidal and insecticide effect, stable working.

    2. The microwave heating system adopts the stainless steel drawing board. The stainless steel plate is reliable and corrosion resistant, so that the rigidity of the machine structure is high.

    3. The overall structure of the machine is smooth, beautiful, practical,and no exposed rivets, screws and other fasteners. Plates contact place is a certain "R" round corner. The machine is in accordance with GMP requirements.

    4. The aircraft microwave generator is the core of the device, in order to achieve its high performance, high reliability, long life, we adopt international first-class electronics, can continuously work 24 hours a day.

    5. The strong microwave electromagnetic field is fed by multi - sided broadband, and the network analysis and design are precisly accurate, making the material directly expose to the electromagnetic field energy, which is much greater effect and lower consumption than the side microwave fed. Compared with the normal microwave sterilizer and dryer, our sterilzier’s heating efficiency over 50% greater, and the uniformity of its insecticidal, sterilization, and heating are 2-3 times higher.

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