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BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 1
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 2
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 3
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 4
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 5
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 6
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 7
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 1
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 2
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 3
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 4
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 5
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 6
BEAR Meat Dryer Machine 7

BEAR Meat Dryer Machine

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Product details of the meat dryer machine

Product Description

BEAR meat dryer machine has to go through thorough disinfection before it goes out of the factory. Especially the parts that directly contact with food such as food trays are required to disinfect and sterilize to make sure no contaminant inside. Containing no Bisphenol A (BPA) ingredient, the product is safe and harmless to people. Food such as meats, vegetable, and fruits can be placed in it and dehydrated for a healthy diet. Dehydrating food by this product brings health benefits. People who bought this product all agreed that using their own food dehydrator helps reduce additives which are common in commercial dried food.

Main applications

Vacuum rake dryer is specially designed for various paste, slurry, powder, fiber, granule and other materials, involving the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry, ceramic industry and cosmetics industry, and can dry active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) , coffee beans, herbal extracts and other high heat-sensitive materials, the heating medium can have a variety of choices, such as: steam, thermal oil, hot water, etc.

Rosin dryer
drying eqiupment

Working principle

Vacuum rake dryer is a device that continuously discharges the water or solvent with a reduced boiling point under the vacuum state through the vacuum pipeline to achieve the purpose of drying the material. Inside the dryer shell, the rake teeth are driven by the transmission shaft. The rake teeth end and the axis are designed to have a certain angle. The main shaft rotates in the forward and reverse directions to move the material along the axial direction to facilitate drying and discharging. This machine is especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials, materials that are easily oxidized at high temperature, or materials that are easy to harden during drying, and materials that need to be recovered from the steam discharged during drying. After drying, the material is in powder form, so it is more suitable for the finished product in powder form. After drying, it can be packaged directly without crushing. The moisture content of the feed material of the rake vacuum dryer can reach 90%. The material to be dried is paste, slurry, granular, fibrous or powder. The moisture or solvent content of the dried material can be as low as 1%, or even 0.1%.

The operation of the rake dryer is less labor-intensive than the usual box-type dryer, the operating conditions are good, and the management is more convenient. The uniformity of heating of the material can avoid overheating of the material, and the moisture or solvent is easy to escape, and the product with low temperature can be obtained. The machine can adopt the method of simultaneous heating of the interlayer and rake teeth, which has a larger heat transfer area and high thermal efficiency, and nitrogen can be fed into the barrel to obtain higher drying efficiency.

Product display

Rake dryers eqiupment
Rake dryers eqiupment
Vacuum rake dryers machine
Vacuum rake dryers machine
Vacuum rake drying machine (2)
Vacuum rake drying machine (2)

Related parameters

Working volume(L)
Heating area (m2)
Stirring speed (rpm)
6-30 stepless speed adjustment
Mezzanine design pressure (hot water)(Mpa)
Vacuum degree inside the cylinder(Mpa)
Vacuum rake dryer machine


 During the drying process of the vacuum rake dryer, the rake teeth rotate continuously in positive and negative directions, which has strong applicability, and the dried materials are stirred evenly and dried quickly. Because it uses jacket heating and vacuum exhaust, it is suitable for almost all materials of different properties and states, especially for explosive and oxidizable materials; the products it produces are of high quality, easy to operate, and can recover volatile gases. The pollution to the environment is reduced, and the heat source consumption is relatively small.

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